Training Services

Industrial Prosperity 365 offers three traditional training seminars on "Methodology Design," “Conducting Market Analysis” and "Marketing Plan Development." Industrial Prosperity 365 will also work with your Sales Management and Product Management Teams to develop industry-specific product training courses that provide the tools needed to fully assess the market/customer opportunity to substantially increase sales hit rates.

Sales Training

In addition to product technical knowledge being offered to your sales force, we will work with your organization to create a more robust and targeted training that includes:

  • Target Market Value Propositions
  • Product/Industry Selling Triggers
  • Current Market Dynamics and Market Trends
  • Determination of the Market Opportunity – Units sold into industry
  • Industry Drivers that Impact Decision-Making
  • Customer Buying Behavior
  • New Regulation Implications
  • Competitive Landscape
  • S.W.O.T Analysis
  • Product Gap Evaluation – Overcoming the white spaces
  • Company Services as one of the most useful selling tools

Methodology Training

Project outcomes and methodology design are intricately related. The methodology is the foundation in which studies are built. Methodology Design training is a 1-day seminar for those seeking greater project control and results. Topics covered are listed.

  • Building a project scope that maximizes decision-making information.
  • Constructing a comprehensive and repeatable analysis methodology.
  • Determining the best method for gathering difficult to uncover information.
  • Setting realistic timelines based on market information requirements.

Market Analysis Training

Marketing Analysis connects the customer to the marketer through information. This information is used to identify marketing opportunities and challenges, evaluate and refine marketing actions, and monitor performance. Market Analysis training is a 1.5-day seminar. Topics covered include:

  • Key components of any market analysis project.
  • Primary and secondary research as part of the evaluation process.
  • Analyzing data for pattern extraction and organizational recommendations.
  • Questions that must be answered to adequately paint the picture of the market.

Marketing Plan Development Training

A comprehensive marketing plan is the roadmap and underpinning of any successful market strategy. The Marketing Plan describes the current business climate and determines a path forward that overcomes competitive actions, changing customer buying-behavior and product portfolio gaps. This training is a 2-day seminar, designed to assist Marketing in the development of a robust plan. Topics include:

  • Essential content needed for a high-impact marketing plan and key considerations to ensure it has longstanding viability
  • Market analysis, the foundation for any credible marketing plan
  • Building the market value proposition and overall business case
  • Optimizing sales forecasting with that of new and existing products and services

*Onsite training rates are available. Virtual Training (e-Learning) is available for Analysis Methodology, Market Analysis and Marketing Plan Development as indicated below.


Vernadine Merrick, MBA & President of Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting

Using Market Analysis to Maximize Business Decision-Making

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Vernadine Merrick, MBA & President of Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting

Designing an Analysis Methodology for Optimal Project Output

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Vernadine Merrick, MBA & President of Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting

Building a Market Roadmap that Leads to Profitable & Sustainable Growth

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