Industrial Prosperity 365 offers a comprehensive marketing program tailored specifically to your business needs.  We believe no two organizations are the same.  Thereby we do not treat them as such.  The first line of business with our clients is to understand their objectives, challenges and successes to devise the most effective marketing solution.  We conduct a thorough needs assessment of your company to lay the foundation for future business success.  From there, we select a program right for you from the following customized marketing services:

Market Strategy Development

•    Marketing Plan Formation – Global Option
•    New Product Roll-out
•    Company Benchmarking
•    Customer Interviews and Surveying
•    Sales force debriefing
•    Customer Needs Assessment
•    Market Strategy Session Facilitation

Sales Strategy Development

•    Sales Organizational Alignment
•    Lead Generation Program
•    Best Customer Profiling
•    Calculating the Marketing & Sales ROI
•    Customer Retention Program
•    Sales Training Dev., Market Analysis Training
•    Customer Testimonial/Referral Compilation

Marketing Communications Planning

•    Communications Plan Development
•    Company Branding Evaluation 
•    Employee Communications Program
•    Community Involvement Program
•    Event Planning
•    Communications Measurement
•    Industry-specific Guidance

Marketing Communications Services

•    Value Messaging Development
•    Advertising Program & Content Dev.
•    Marketing Collateral – Content Dev.
•    Customer eNewsletter – Format & Content
•    Email Marketing Programs - Content Dev.
•    Website Structure and Messaging
•    Tradeshow Selection and Messaging