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Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting sets to maximize the Marketing ROI for industrials, including manufacturers, technology suppliers, distributors, OEMs and EPCs, understanding that Marketing is a significant investment made to ensure future organizational viability and prosperity. According to McKinsey & Company, companies with advanced Marketing & Sales capabilities, can expect to achieve 30% more than their peers within the same sector.



Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting emphatically believes that industrial company business decisions are optimized when there is comprehensive market/customer information that brings market clarity and direction and where the value the company delivers to its customers is readily evident in its market messaging. With great Marketing, a company can expect:

  • Business growth and gains in market share
  • Higher product margins because the customer better understands the value
  • Strong and clear differentiation in the marketplace, leading to enhanced customer loyalty
  • Target customers that better fit the value proposition, resulting in faster sales cycles
  • Greater recruitment capability and higher employee retention

There is no better time for industrials to enhance their marketing capability. Why continue to be outpaced by the competition? Let Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting answer the critical questions such as –

  • How do I use data to drive the best business decisions?
  • What is the ‘true’ market size for my product and thereby the real market opportunity?
  • How do I select target market(s) that provides the most opportunity to grow?
  • Given all the market ‘noise,’ how do I get my message heard by the target audience?
  • How do I maximize limited marketing and sales resources,?
  • Where do I start when moving from a technology driven firm to a marketing driven company?

Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting has a proven track record and an unwavering commitment to achieving business results.

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