International Marketing Services

Country prioritization based on organization criteria, global conditions and the international competitive landscape is a recommended project precursor to evaluating any specific country. Target country assessment is offered as a package. Two markets can be evaluated per country. International considerations and Regional evaluation options are listed.

Target country macro outlook analysis:

  • Key sector investments / growth
  • Market size / shares by product line
  • Top customers by market
  • Channel evaluation and strategy
  • Competitive dynamics
  • Product certification requirements
  • Regulations and Political profile
  • Opportunity assessment

Regional Marketing initiatives:

  • Develop strategy to leverage multi-country customers for increased business on a regional basis
  • Regionally assess competitors and build counter strategies that cross borders
  • Develop best practices on a regional basis, so all countries benefit
  • Compile country-by country lessons-learned to meet new and repeat regional challenges

*Services are priced based on project scope and timeline. Quotes are available.