Communications Activities Services:
Services are offered individually and can be combined based on the needs of the client. Services offered are as listed.

  • Value Messaging (by target market)
  • Advertising Program
  • Advertising Content Development
  • Collateral Content Development
  • Customer eNewsletter – Format & Content
  • Email Marketing Program
  • Website Structure and Messaging
  • Tradeshow Selection & Messaging

*Services are priced based on project scope and timeline. Quotes are available.

Communications Planning:
Clients can select premium and standard Communications Planning packages. A premium package includes current company communications evaluation and a fully developed Communications Plan for the next 2 to 5 years. Standard services are offered individually and are selected based on the needs of the client.

Premium Package:

  • Company communications evaluation (based on current activity and market dynamics)
  • Communications Plan Development 
    • Select target audiences (based on client objectives)
    • Design key messages
    • Select communication methods
    • Plan for two-way communication
    • Establish time frame for communications activities
    • Collaborate on budgeting activities (optional)
    • Develop execution roadmap
    • Develop Communications Measurement Program

Standard Package:

  • Company Communications Evaluation
  • Communications Plan Development – subcategories
  • Company Branding Evaluation
  • Employee Communications Program
  • Event Planning
  • Communications Measurement Program
  • Industry-specific Guidance

*Services are priced based on project scope and timeline. Quotes are available.