Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting introduces three uniquely designed Market Strategy virtual trainings (e-Learnings) to empower Marketers and Entrepreneurs, as they pursue market information necessary to support sound business decision-making. Virtual trainings include, Analysis Methodology, Market Analysis and Marketing Plan Development. The virtual trainings will equip participants with tools to optimize methodology for superior project outcomes, enable comprehensive market analysis to gain stakeholder buy-in and to develop an effective market roadmap, leading to profitable and sustainable organizational growth.

“We all know that strong business results don’t just happen. Most successful companies maneuver through an enormously complex business landscape using a systematic approach to achieve market greatness.” says Vernadine Merrick, President of Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting. “Today’s marketplace has an overflow of information. The key is to extract, evaluate and use the right data to build a powerful market strategy that supports wide-ranging business objectives. The three virtual trainings build on each other. The end-result of each training, is a better understanding of data requirements and practical techniques to increase the confidence in data-driven business direction.”

Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting is tailored to manufacturers, technical suppliers, distributors, OEMs, Systems Integrators and EPCs – helping them become stronger, faster and more effective marketers.

For more information on Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting and e-Learnings, visit us at www.industrialprosperity365.com. Send questions to info@industrialprosperity365.com.

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