Impressive Marketing Strategy Plan in Hampton Roads, Virginia

Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting can provide Market and Communications Services for three industry types. They are:

  • Continuous Processes – i.e. Chemicals, Pulp & Paper, Mining, Cement and Oil & Gas
  • Batch Processes – i.e. Pharmaceuticals, Baked Goods, Specialty Chemicals
  • Discrete Processes – i.e. Assembly products like Automobiles, Machinery, Consumer Electronics

Industrial Prosperity 365 understands that for most industrials (manufacturers, technical suppliers, OEMs, distributors and EPCs), industry application knowledge is the foundation to building a customer-centric value proposition and market strategy. Process application understanding is key when determining ideal target customer profiles, true market opportunity size and when determining competitors that pose the most significant threat. For example, if you are a supplier and the manufacturer’s application requires products operating in the process with a tolerance up to 140 degrees F, but your product can only properly operate within an environment up to 100 degrees F, this customer cannot be considered part of your opportunity.

Industrial Prosperity 365 incorporates the technical parameters into the market evaluation, for a more comprehensive and accurate assessment. We focus on utilizing pertinent industry knowledge needed to set the right strategy and to set tactical plans designed to grow your business. We understand that in the industrial space, technical considerations are an integral part of the analysis.