Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting is a newly formed marketing consulting firm that focuses on the industrial market. It is tailored specifically to manufacturers, technical suppliers, distributors, OEMs and EPCs – helping them become stronger, faster and more effective marketers. Industrial Prosperity 365’s mission is to maximize the Marketing ROI for organizations, understanding that Marketing is a significant investment made to ensure future viability and prosperity. Services include Market Strategy, International Marketing, Sales Strategy, Sales & Market Analysis Training, Marketing Communications Planning and Marketing Communications Activities.

“Many industrial companies are hard hit by a myriad of market and internal pressures that limit the flexibility needed to keep the competitive advantage. The industrial challenge is to find Strategic Marketing solutions that recognize and account for set parameters around capital-intensive production, safety concerns, globalization, an aging workforce and changing regulation,” says Vernadine Merrick, President of Industrial Prosperity 365. “What sets us apart from other marketing firms is our understanding that product technical data and industry knowledge are critical factors when building a comprehensive and effective market strategy. We also believe market communications value is maximized when the messaging is intricately tied to a sound market strategy. Industrial Prosperity 365 is committed to building a client marketing roadmap that gets results.”

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