Free Seminar


FREE 2-hour Seminar: “Calculating the Marketing ROI”

Vernadine Merrick, Industrial Prosperity 365 President and Founder welcomes the opportunity to join you for a discussion on Marketing’s ROI and its impact on the bottom line.

Topics include:

  • Our distinct approach to Marketing ROI
  • Evaluating the “true” cost  and payback of Marketing
  • Marketing’s influence on the selling process
  • Digital Marketing’s explosive opportunity to enhance MROI
  • Marketing and margin realization

Please plan for 45 minutes more following the discussion to have a conversation on your business goals and current challenges to reaching them.

About Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting President and Founder –
Vernadine Merrick, President of Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting is a Chemical Engineer and MBA graduate of Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business. For 23 years Ms. Merrick has helped businesses gain market focus in order to increase profits, reach aggressive growth targets and secure and expand their customer base in an ever-intensifying competitive landscape.