Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting marketing services are tailored to manufactures, technology suppliers, distributors, OEMs and EPCs – helping them become stronger, faster and more effective marketers. Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting mission is to maximize the Marketing ROI for organizations, understanding that Marketing is a significant investment made to ensure future viability and prosperity.

Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting shares the belief that Marketing is a vital factor in spurring profitable growth. Further, Industrial Prosperity 365 unequivocally believes that industrial company business decisions are optimized when there is comprehensive market/customer information that brings market clarity and direction and where the value the company delivers to its customers is readily evident in its market messaging. Our aim is to provide marketing support services that lead to:

  • Higher product prices and/or the stabilizing of price erosion
  • Speeding up of new product market acceptance
  • Greater capture of market share
  • Increased advertising effectiveness
  • Stronger market positioning
  • Successful implementation of company short term and long term vision