Industrial Challenge


If you are one of the top performers in your industry, congratulations! If like many industrial companies, you are working hard to obtain your company vision and would like stronger results, Industrial Prosperity 365 can help. And If you are one of the top performers that is determined to stay in an optimal market position, we can support that goal too.

Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting realizes many industries are hard hit by a myriad of market and internal pressures that limits flexibility needed to keep a competitive advantage. The Industrial Challenge is to find Strategic Marketing solutions that recognize and account for set parameters around capital-intensive production, safety, globalization, an aging workforce and changing regulation. If you can identify with any of the statements below, we invite you to take the Industrial Challenge and work with Industrial Prosperity 365 to build a market roadmap that gets results.

  • “We’ve been in business for 35 years. We’ve done well for ourselves, but have never experienced the kind of market growth or recognition our products and services deserve.”
  • “We’ve created a breakthrough product, now what do we do?”
  • “We’ve grown so fast we never had time to develop a systematic approach to the market. Are our business practices leading us to long-term stability and profits?”
  • “Our business has been steadily declining in recent years. We’ve lost business to competitors, but primarily to competing technologies.”
  • “We are selling our product, but not exactly sure to whom. We sell much of our offering through distributors.  How can we ensure we are continuing to meet the needs of our end-users?”
  • “We are a startup company. The task ahead of us to effectively compete in the marketplace seems daunting, if not at times overwhelming.”

Industrial Customers have many questions that Industrial Companies must be prepared to answer to keep and grow their strategic customers. Let Industrial Prosperity 365 help you position a response that sets you apart from the competition!

  • Does it meet the specification/application requirements?
  • Does it fit into the plant architecture or req. system overhaul?
  • Does it satisfy regulatory requirements and have the necessary certifications?
  • Does the maintenance schedule/frequency meet expectations?
  • Can company personnel readily be trained on the product/system?
  • How mobile is the product (i.e. logistical requirements)
  • How are legacy/spare parts handled?
  • What happens when the product fails (warranty management)?
  • How are upgrades handled? Documentation?


We invite you to take the Industrial Challenge.