Industrial Prosperity 365 believes a good way to evaluate consulting capabilities, is to review initiatives for industrial or technology suppliers conducted in the past. Areas are categorized into Planning, Selling & Marketing, Managing & Directing and Communications. Contact us for further information on any of the projects outlined. Additional projects can be provided upon request.

Competency list:

Planning Selling/Marketing Managing/Directing Communicating
Developed four separate marketing plans for startups within large organizations. Thorough market analysis was done to support plans. Markets were industrial automation, wholesale power, commercial printing, and oil & gas downstream market (for gas analyzers). Resulted in exceeding all market growth targets.  Developed market strategy for Duke Energy non-regulated Midwest region, based on analysis of product offering, competition, SWOT analysis, Sales strengths, pricing and brand recognition. Had most sales activity of all 5 regions outside of Southeast HQ. First region of non-HQ to secure customer contracts for startup business.  Determined targeted market segments for ABB Process Automation Group to capture business based on offering value proposition fit, segment margin realization potential, customer buying behavior and competitive landscape. Doubled the business revenue for 2 consecutive years. Head trainer for Analytics application as part of a $6M Siemens Industry pricing system investment. Pricing tool gained distributor purchasing clarity and enabled a significant profitability lift, having no other organizational changes. Used tool to assist Product Managers/Business Dev. in setting customer strategy.
Created marketing department from ground up for $100 million national commercial printing company (Henry Wurst Inc). Company initially only had a direct sales force. Met 10+% revenue growth goals and added 14% in profits to bottom line.  Sold automation & control equipment to Honeywell customers. 169% of plan in first year using a strategic sales approach. Had 35% of branch customer activity. Brought in 30 new accounts and expanded two General Motors accounts in territory. Managed a team of market analysts as ABB’s Market Strategy Services Area Business Consulting Head. Secured ABB Business Incubator Group. Successfully rolled out 3 new technologies and spun off one. Held customer interviews and focus groups to address marketing gaps and solution requirements for commercial printing business that provided market insights used to build effective marketing campaigns. 
Conducted a company Power Marketing & Trading benchmarking project for the CEO of Duke Energy. Provided best practices in industry, a company ranking on a set of parameters. Used to devise market strategy to strengthen positioning. As ABB, Global Product Manager, developed an international sales strategy and sales training program for gas analyzer business. Set country priorities and activities that led to far exceeding of sales goals. Made Siemens Industry pricing strategy recommendations for international customers and national strategic customer vs. small distributors pricing. Evaluated customers based on Siemens spend/trending and size.  Needs assessments conducted for each of four marketing plans created. Ensured VOC was incorporated into company market direction. Also helped to enhance customer loyalty by being ‘listened to.’
Led Honeywell management task force upon the merger of two competing companies to capitalize on initial market uncertainty and organization integration slowdown. At various times on other merger and acquisition analysis activities for Honeywell, Duke Energy and ABB that provided company directional insights whether to move forward. Set up the first Sales Training and Leadership conference for Henry Wurst Inc. Focus was on leveraging accounts across regions, uncovering the unique selling criteria for markets/products, and fine-tuning sales leadership qualities needed to greatly succeed with company initiatives.  Managed an ABB power project to determine recloser market size that involved interfacing with multiple internal organizations, strategic customer inputs and agency/governmental information support. Outcome used to better determine product sales forecasting and material requirements for new products. Developed marketing communications plan for Henry Wurst, Inc. Included customer eNewsletter, collateral, website revamp, press releases and TV commercial aimed at businesses in community. Greatly increased visibility and reputation of company.