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Who We Are:

Industrial Prosperity 365 Consultingknows that successful companies don’t just happen.  Most maneuver through an enormously complex business landscape using a systematic approach to achieve market greatness.  This is especially so for industrial-related organizations that are encountering more savvy customers that evaluate a product’stotal cost-of-ownership and demand expanded solution capability, where markets are experiencing high turbulence, regulations and global impact,and there is a continuous push for innovation to keep pace with ever more aggressive competitors.  Thus, many industrial companies are struggling to grow profitably, gain market share, or simply keep pace.

Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting marketing services are tailored to manufactures, technology suppliers, distributors, OEMs and EPCs – helping them become stronger, faster and more effective marketers. Industrial Prosperity 365 Consultingsets to maximize the Marketing ROI for organizations, understanding that Marketing is a significant investment madetoensure future viability and prosperity. Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting shares the belief that Marketing is a vital factor in spurring profitable growth. Further, Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting emphatically believes that industrial company business decisions are optimized when there is comprehensive market/customer information that brings market clarity and direction and where the value the companydelivers to its customers is readily evident in its market messaging. Support services offered by Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting are listed.Click on the website Services icon to learn more.

  • Market Strategy Development (including global initiatives)
  • Sales Strategy Development
  • Marketing Communications Planning
  • Marketing Communications Services
  • Training Related Services
    • Series on Conducting Market Analysis
    • Seminar on Building the Right Marketing Methodology
    • Development of customer-centeredSales Training Programs

About Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting Founder –

Vernadine Merrick, President of Industrial Prosperity 365 Consultingis a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business. She has aMBA with a concentration in Marketing.  Ms. Merrick has an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering (Paper Science focus).  For 25 years Ms. Merrick has helped businesses gain market focus in order to increase profits, reach aggressive growth targets and secure and expand their customer base in an ever-intensifying competitive business landscape.  She has held leading marketing positions for Fortune 500 companies such as Honeywell Inc. and Duke Energy.  Ms. Merrick has also worked with smaller private firms and startup companies where she has created entire marketing organizations from the ground up.  Ms. Merrick taught small business classes on marketing while at Carnegie Mellon University, helping those with business dreams bring them to reality. She has in-depth experience in Strategy, Global Marketing, Market Management, Product Management, Market Planning & Analysis, Marketing Communications, Sales and Sales Training. Ms. Merrick specializes in start-ups within large organizations.

What Others Have Said About Ms. Merrick…

“Vernadine Merrick’s market analysis of the Power market has been insightful and informative,” Jim Rogers, CEO of Duke Energy.

Vernadine has been instrumental in moving our organization from a operation and production mode to one that focuses on revenue generation!” Jim Herbst, President of Eastern Region for Henry Wurst, Inc.

“Ms. Merrick’s leadership and strategic thinking capabilities have been greatly valued at Honeywell Inc.  She has made a real impact on our organization,” Colleen Ellis, Strategic Marketing for Honeywell’s Industrial Automation & Control.