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Industrial Prosperity 365 Consulting marketing services are tailored to manufactures, technology suppliers, distributors, OEMs and EPCs – helping them become stronger, faster and more effective marketers. Industrial Prosperity 365’s mission is to maximize the Marketing ROI for organizations, understanding that Marketing is a significant investment made to ensure future viability and prosperity.

Industrial Prosperity 365 knows that many Industrials are hard hit by a myriad of market and internal pressures that limit the flexibility needed to keep the competitive advantage. The industrial challenge is to find Strategic Marketing solutions that recognize and account for set parameters around capital-intensive production, safety concerns, globalization, an aging workforce and changing regulation. We invite you to take on the industrial challenge and work with Industrial Prosperity 365 to build a Marketing roadmap that gets results.

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Our Core Values:

  • Integrity
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Value Creation
  • Enthused Engagement
  • Results

Services include:

  • Market Strategy Development
  • International Marketing
  • Sales Strategy Development
  • Sales & Market Analysis Training Programs
  • Marketing Communications Planning
  • Marketing Communications Activities

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We are dedicated to the industrial marketplace, understanding that technical product and industry knowledge is critical to building a comprehensive and effective market strategy.
Our position is that market communications value is maximized when the market messaging is intricately tied to a sound market strategy. Market awareness without value clarity lacks impact.
Industrial Prosperity 365 is results-oriented. We realize the goal of any marketing effort is to increase the return-on-investment for the client. This Marketing ROI must be measurable and consistently monitored against set goals to ensure longstanding progress.

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Vernadine Merrick, Industrial Prosperity 365 Founder is a Chemical Engineer and Carnegie Mellon University MBA graduate with 23 years of Technical Marketing and Sales experience.

According to McKinsey & Co., revenue growth is 30% higher for companies with advanced marketing and sales activities.


“Vision Without Execution Is Hallucination.”

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